I am a natural light, portrait, high school senior, engagement, and wedding photographer based in Medina, County who is drawn to capturing photos that are natural, soft, emotional, yet a little moody.

I am always ready to photograph couples in love in Ohio and everywhere in between. No matter where your moments happen, I am forever inspired by the story they tell about you and the love you share together.

Medina, Ohio  photographer.

“I can do this all day”

The things you need to know about me are few. Know that I am there beside you throughout your session day, know that I have your back and that I will be cracking jokes throughout the entire experience. 

I am all about doing things un-posed, so while I will grab a few shots at the beginning of our session of you looking at the camera, I will mostly be focusing on bringing out your natural self. Don’t worry though, I promise I won’t leave you standing there feeling awkward in-between shots and will give you direction along the way. 

Photography isn’t just about taking photos it is about creating memories, emotions, and a story with your session. 

I love all types of photography. You will see quite a variety of images and styles as you browse through my portfolio. Whether it be, to the client or the photographer, each photograph has a special meaning or value. To look at a photograph and "feel" something...that is truly amazing. I am lucky enough to create those photographs!

Me in a nutshell: Everything I do is for my family. At my core, I'm a son, brother, traveler, photographer, friend, geek, food, and music lover. 

Geek: If you are a fan of anything Marvel especially Thor or Captain America let's chat! If you are feeling nervous during your session this will help lighten the mood. If you want to talk about Wonder Woman, plan to stay at your session longer, as we can talk for hours about her character and origin. Let's Geek out together. 

Music:I love music and believe it has the power to heal! I listen to anything and everything. My taste in music goes from the classic vocals of Etta James to rocking out along with my favorite band Shinedown. If you want to play music at your session I will not stop you at all. Who knows maybe we`ll capture some cool shots of Y`all dancing.  

I love what I do. 

If you are interested in working with me, I would love to speak with you.

ohio portrait photographer


I am a sucker for a great patio setting with an amazing salad. My favorite spot you ask?

Michael Angelo's Winery

5515 Broadview Rd, Richfield, OH 44286

ohio portrait photographer


There is nothing better than relaxing while listening to some great tunes!

"Hey, whatever happened to waitin' your turn. Doing it all by hand, 'Cause when everything is handed to you. It's only worth as much as the time put in. It all just seemed so good the way we had it. Back before everything became automatic."

-Miranda Lambert

ohio portrait photographer

Movies & Comics

Give me all things Marvel! The only DC exception is Wonder Woman!

"I'd rather be a good man than a great king."


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Art Goans is a Medina, Ohio based photographer. Services local areas including Medina, Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio, and Akron, Ohio but is not limited to such areas.

Art captures the raw, intimate, and adventurous moments of your session without missing the smallest details.