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Be Flexible On Your Ohio Wedding Date

When selecting your wedding date, be mindful of the costs associated with different days of the week. Saturdays are typically the most expensive, while Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays can offer more cost-effective options. Planning your wedding during off-peak months like November or January-March can also help you save money. Keep in mind that these cost-saving measures can also apply to other wedding vendors, like florists and catering services.

Take your time and do it right!

An extended engagement provides couples with adequate time to explore options, look for bargains, and make reservations well in advance. Plan ahead! You may be able to snag discounts on silver or gold decorations after Christmas, or buy lower-priced ring bearer and flower girl outfits immediately after Easter.

Consider A Unique Venue For Your Ohio Wedding

It all begins with the venue. Picking a venue with personality will help you cut back on costs for decorations. Consider places like art museums, botanical gardens, and historic homes.

Think Exotic locations for your Ohio wedding

An intimate wedding allows you to allocate a greater budget to things like fun activities, epic food, and an incredible venue.

Use Credit Cards Wisely for Your Wedding

If you're confident you can charge a few items on your list and pay them off expediently, sign up for a credit card that offers cash back and 0% APR for a 12-month period.

Consider Nixing The Full Bar For Your Wedding Reception

An open bar with a full selection of drinks can be quite costly. You could save money by only serving beer and wine. Another option is to have a signature drink that goes with the theme and colors of the wedding.

Wedding CAKE SWAP: A Deliciously Fun idea

When you want a fairytale wedding cake, but you just don’t have the funds, fake it. Ask your baker to create one real lower tier for you and your fiancé. The rest of the tiers can be made from Styrofoam and covered in fondant. After the cake cutting ceremony, have your catering team serve up sheet cake from the kitchen with similar colors and flavors. Your guests won’t notice a thing!

Skip the sit-down dinner: It is a good idea

An elegant cocktail reception with a few waiters circulating with hors d'oeuvres can be more cost effective than a formal sit-down dinner. You'll save on staffing costs and the overall cost per person will be lower.

Shopping For your Wedding Dress In Ohio

If you are hoping to purchase your wedding dress, bridal expos and sample sales can be excellent sources of exclusive deals that you would be unlikely to find anywhere else. To take advantage of such opportunities, sign up for newsletters in advance so you can receive updates about upcoming events and special deals. Alternatively, if you would prefer to rent your dress, look into cost-effective websites such as for gowns or for jewelry.

Have A Beautiful Wedding, DIY style 

While there are many attractive tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube for how to DIY many aspects of your wedding, from invitations to centerpieces, it is important to remember that part of the appeal of a wedding is the opportunity to celebrate with friends and family. Host smaller gatherings in your home and utilize the crafting skills of your loved ones to help alleviate some of the stress. Remember, wedding planning is supposed to be enjoyable!

Cleveland Ohio Wedding & elopement photographer

There are many ways to save money when planning a wedding in Cleveland, Ohio. By being creative and strategic, couples can have the wedding of their dreams without breaking the bank. 

I hope this article has given you a few ideas to get you started on planning your own budget-friendly Cleveland wedding.

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