Making the Right Choices Across Every Vendor Category

Wedding Planner/Coordinator:

a. How many weddings have you planned or coordinated? Can you provide examples of weddings similar to mine?

b. Can you provide references from previous clients? Can I contact them for feedback?

c. Will you be the primary point of contact on the wedding day? How many assistants or team members will be present?

d. How do you handle unexpected situations or emergencies during a wedding?

e. What services are included in your package, and what are the associated costs? Can you provide a detailed breakdown?


a. What dates are available for my wedding? Are there any restrictions or blackout dates? 

b. What is the maximum capacity of the venue? Will it comfortably accommodate my guest list? 

c. Do you have any restrictions on vendors or décor? Are there any preferred vendors we must use or vendors we cannot work with? 

d. Is there a backup plan for outdoor weddings in case of bad weather? How does the venue handle last-minute changes? 

e. What are the venue rental fees, and what is included in the package? Are there any additional costs for amenities or services?


a. Can we schedule a tasting session to sample the menu? Can we customize the menu to accommodate dietary restrictions or special requests? 

b. Will you provide the necessary staff, such as servers, bartenders, and chefs? How many staff members will be present at the wedding? 

c. What is your cancellation and refund policy? Are there any additional charges for setup, breakdown, or overtime? d. How do you handle setup and cleanup? Will you provide linens, tableware, and other necessary equipment? 

e. Can you work within our budget? Are there any cost-saving options or package deals available?


a. Can we see a portfolio of your previous work? Can you provide examples of weddings in a similar style or venue to ours?

b. What style of photography/videography do you specialize in? Are you comfortable with specific poses or shots we request?

c. How many hours of coverage are included in the package? Can we request additional hours if needed? Is there an extra cost?

d. Do you have backup equipment in case of technical issues? What steps do you take to ensure the safety and storage of our photos/videos? 

e. What is the turnaround time for receiving the final photos/videos? How are they delivered, and in what format?


a. Can you show us examples of your floral arrangements? Do you have experience with the specific flowers we want to use? 

b. Will you handle both ceremony and reception décor? Can you assist with floral installations and arrangements at multiple locations? 

c. Do you offer any additional services, such as lighting or draping? Can you provide a mock-up or visual representation of the proposed designs? d. How do you handle delivery and setup? Will you coordinate with other vendors to ensure a seamless installation? 

e. Can you work within our budget? Can you suggest cost-effective alternatives or substitutions without compromising the overall look?


a. Can we see a list of songs you typically play at weddings? Can we provide a list of specific songs or genres we want to be included? 

b. Will you act as the emcee for the evening? How do you engage the crowd and make announcements? 

c. Do you have backup equipment in case of technical issues? Are you familiar with the venue's sound system? 

d. Can you provide a microphone for speeches and announcements? How do you ensure clear and uninterrupted audio during the event? 

e. How do you keep the energy high and the dance floor packed? Do you take requests from guests?

Wedding Officiant: 

a. Are you available on our wedding date and time? Can you officiate at our chosen venue? 

b. Can you personalize the ceremony to reflect our preferences and beliefs? Can we customize our vows? 

c. What is your experience in officiating weddings? Can you provide references from couples you have married? 

d. Will you assist with obtaining the marriage license and ensure all legal requirements are met? 

e. Do you have any restrictions or requirements for the ceremony? Are there any specific rituals or readings you specialize in?

Wedding Cake Baker: 

a. Can we see pictures of your previous wedding cakes? Do you have experience with the specific design or theme we have in mind? 

b. What flavors and fillings do you offer? Can we request a combination of flavors for different tiers? 

c. Are you able to accommodate dietary restrictions or allergies? Do you offer gluten-free, vegan, or other special options? 

d. Will you handle delivery and setup at the venue? How do you ensure the cake remains fresh and intact during transport? 

e. Do you provide cake-cutting and serving services? Is there an additional fee for cake stands, toppers, or decorations?

Hair and Makeup Artist: 

a. Can we see examples of your previous bridal looks? Do you have experience with diverse skin tones, hair types, or cultural styles? 

b. Do you offer both hair styling and makeup services? Can you accommodate requests for additional members of the wedding party? 

c. How many artists will be available for the wedding day? Will you provide a detailed timeline for hair and makeup preparations? 

d. Will you provide a trial session before the wedding? Can we make adjustments or changes if needed? 

e. What products and brands do you use? Are they suitable for long-lasting wear and photography?

Wedding Transportation: 

a. What types of vehicles do you offer for transportation? Do you have options that can accommodate our entire wedding party? 

b. How many hours are included in the rental package? Can we request additional hours if needed? Is there an extra cost? 

c. Are there any additional fees, such as fuel, parking, or toll charges? Are these costs included in the initial quote or added separately? 

d. How do you ensure the safety and comfort of passengers? Are the vehicles properly maintained and insured? 

e. What is your policy for cancellations or changes in the transportation schedule? Will there be a backup plan if there are any delays or unforeseen circumstances?

Remember, asking these questions will help you make informed decisions and ensure that your wedding vendors align with your vision and requirements. It's essential to establish clear communication and understand all aspects of the vendor's services and policies before signing any contracts or making commitments.