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As a full-time Ohio Wedding photographer for over 8 years residing in Cleveland, I have significant experience with destination weddings across the United States. This provides me with a great opportunity to capture love stories from all over the world! Simply put, I love what I do, and I treat every wedding and elopement as if it were my own.

Cleveland Ohio wedding photographer


YES! Yes, you should. If you're asking yourself this question, it's probably because you've been thinking about the idea of eloping for a while, and now that the time has come to make a decision, you're feeling overwhelmed by everything it entails. But no need to worry! All you need is this handy guide to help you decide if eloping is right for your special day.

Cleveland Ohio wedding photographer


The venue for your wedding should be somewhere you can both connect with, and that you'll remember fondly for years to come.

Some people prefer destination weddings because they're less expensive than traditional ceremonies, but if you can't afford to fly anywhere, or if you're concerned about the cost of travel, consider an wedding at a local park or beach instead. You might even consider getting married in the woods—it's a fun way to play with wedding traditions while still enjoying the beauty of nature.

Cleveland Ohio wedding photographer


The best time of year for a wedding is between October and May. During these months, the weather is mild in most places and you can travel without worrying about bad weather or being stuck in a blizzard.

The best time of day for wedding portraits is at sunrise or sunset. These times have the most beautiful lighting and will help you get some amazing photos!

Cleveland Ohio wedding photographer


The answer is: it depends on how many people you want to invite, and whether or not they're cool with staying in a hotel (or having a reception at one). But if you know beforehand that your guest list is going to be smaller than usual—or if you'd like to keep things simple before deciding whether or not to make it bigger.

Cleveland Ohio wedding photographer


Research the location(s) you're considering. Make sure they fit your theme and style, and that they have all of the amenities you need (amenities like bathrooms, parking, etc.).

Set up a meeting with any vendors you might need before your wedding day to make sure they can accommodate your needs and schedule.

Pick a date that works well for everyone involved—including yourself!

Cleveland Ohio wedding photographer


You will need to apply for a marriage license. This can be done at the local courthouse, or online. The license must be obtained no more than 30 days before the ceremony, but it can be applied for months in advance.

The officiant must be registered with the state where they are performing the ceremony (this should be included on their website). They may also need to be licensed by the county or city where they are conducting business, so check with them before choosing an officiant.

If you could get married anywhere, where would that be?

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Are the travel expenses included in your packages or covered additionally?

The travel expenses are included in all of our packages. I want you to focus on the trip, not the logistics.

What if we want something more extreme for our Wedding?

Elopements are usually thought of as low-key, but we love to surprise our clients with the unexpected. If you're looking for a unique experience that goes beyond the normal elopement, we have some ideas for you!

We want to include our dog into the elopement ceremony and photos, is that okay?

Of course, we'd love to include your dog in the ceremony and photos. Dogs are welcome at all of our events!

How long does it take to recieve the photos after the elopement and how will those be delivered?

The photos will be delivered to you digitally within 4 to 8 weeks of the event. You will receive a link to download them and they will also be sent to you via email.

Do we need a wedding officiant for our elopement? If yes, can you recommend one?

While it's possible to get married without an officiant, and many people do, it's not recommended. Weddings are about having the freedom to choose exactly who you want as part of your special day—the person who will help you make it legal. I can be your officiant in Ohio as well.